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Aluminum plastic composite panel recycling

Time:2019-08-14 Views:2003
Aluminum plastic composite panel recycling refer to the separation and recovery of aluminum and plastic from waste Aluminum-plastic composite board, aluminum-plastic decorative board waste, aluminum-plastic panel strip,waste acp board.
Also it can dispose aluminum-plastic packaging materials, medicine board trims, Food packaging bags, milk bags, Wahaha bottle caps, electronic component packaging bags, toothpaste and other aluminum plastic materials etc. to get aluminum and plastic.

How to recycle Aluminum plastic composite panel?
  The aluminum-plastic separator adopts the method of physical crushing electrostatic separation to separate the aluminum-plastic. First, put Aluminum plastic composite panel into the crusher and becomes a sheet of 10 mm or less, and then into a high-speed water-cooled turbine mill to grind the crushed materials. Then vibrating screen to screen the material that meets the separation requirements,Then transport to electrostatic separation ,the final aluminum and the plastic are separated.
It is dry green separation line.

Besides, We have another new peeling machine, which is used to recycle and separate wide aluminum composite panel(ACM,ACP).
The final is aluminum sheet and plastic sheet after  stripping aluminum composite panel.
This invention is to make client business more profitable.
Please see video below.

Download for 2 recycling solution:

Aluminium plastic materials recycling machine manufactuer from Dahlia company .pdf from EnvironmentalMetalse
ACP separator machine(Peeling type)manufacturer from china.pdf from EnvironmentalMetalse
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