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Electronic Circuit board recycling

Time:2019-08-14 Views:1719
Electronic Circuit board recycling refer to metal and non-metal separation from waste pcb(Printed circuit board).
The final metal metals can be sold directly. Non-metals can be used for secondary collection ,used for wood-plastic materials, building materials such as composite materials or plates, and fire products.

What Electronic Circuit board can be disposed?

Waste pcb include various single-layer or multi-layer waste circuit boards, copper-clad boards, circuit boards, computer motherboards, TV motherboards, mobile phone motherboards and various circuit board production scraps.

How to recycle Electronic Circuit board ?
Firstly,Waste circuit boards and copper clad boards  was disassembled by the dismantling machine into electronic components and bare pcb board.
electronic components can be sold directly, bare pcb board can be process by pcb recycling machine.
Through shredding, crushing, air-gravity sorting machine and high-voltage electrostatic sorting machine, copper and aluminum and other metals and resins are sorted. The purity of sorting has reached 99%.

Download for recycling solution:

Electronic component dismantling machine manufacturer from china.pdf from EnvironmentalMetalse
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