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Motor stator copper recycling

Time:2019-11-17 Views:1183
Motor stator copper recycling refers to the separation of the copper wire and the steel plate from the motor stator, and recycles the waste products (waste motor, old motor, burnt motor, etc.) and turns waste into treasure.

What motor stator can be processed ?
Applicable to different specifications of the motor, diameter Φ6CM-50CM motor stator (0.55KW motor stator diameter of about 6CM, 90KW motor stator diameter of about 40CM).
The equipment does not damage the stator steel sheet during the working process, and improves the recovery of the stator copper wire and the stator steel sheet, and largely satisfies the processing requirements of the motor scrap amount recovery. For example: for the Y18.5 two-pole stator, you don‘t need to use fire. Just pull the copper wire three times, you can pull out all the copper wires, and ensure that the steel sheet is invariant, and the output in four hours is about 1 kilogram!

Do you need to purchase motor stator recycling machine?
Applicable to manufacturers of motor returns, manufacturers with more burning motors,and manufacturers of dismantling motors.

Download for recycling solution:

motor recycling machine manufacturer from China.pdf from EnvironmentalMetalse
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