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Cable recycling machine

Automatic Cable Recycling Plant
  • Automatic Cable Recycling Plant

Automatic Cable Recycling Plant

Automatic Copper Cable Recycling line
Highly automated,1--2 worker is ok.
Any size copper cable or aluminum wire can be disposal.
Recovery rate of copper or aluminum and plasticcan be close to 100%
      Automatic Cable Recycling plant can shredd and separate Any size copper cable or aluminum wire,High metal purity rate and efficiency.
    After rough shredding, iron removal, fine crushing,gravity sorting and , electrostatic sorting process,it can arrive double recycling of plastics and metals and comprehensive utilization by complete dry physical separation.

      Working process:
      Pre-shredder---shred cable into manageable size and liberates steel from cable
      Conveyor belt- transport cable piece into crusher
      Overbelt magnet---remove the steel from cable pieces
      Crusher-- crush cable pieces into fine unifirm sized partical, and liberates copper or aluminum from plastic to be sorted
      Air separation---separate plastic from copper according to density.
      Electrostatic separation--separate copper of plasttic, because plastic from air separation may container 2%--5% copper.
      Control panel--- control the whole system working 

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