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Say no to plastics bags

Time:2021-01-04 Views:773
Accroding to recent policy from shanghai authorities,the city‘s shopping malls, supermarkets, pharmacies, and bookstores are prohibited from offering customers disposable plastic bags starting on Jan 1. Then With implementing plastic regulation across the nation, Can we say goodbye to plastic bags?

About it, people have different opinions.

Some peope say plastic bag can do harm to environment, we should stop it.When shopping in the city‘s shopping malls, supermarkets, pharmacies, and bookstores, people can take a bag.For the ban of plastic bag,Rwanda is the good example.Plastic bags are banned nationwide in Rwanda!

while some people say it will back fire if ban is indiscriminate.They think that no other recyclable material or other substitute can replace plastic bag. and plastic bag really give people convience.When shopping, sometimes we forget bring bag or too many goods cannot put in bag. In such case, they have to adopt plastic bags. 
Please tell us your idea?
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