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3 steps to recovery scrap aluminum radiator

Time:2021-03-27 Views:711
3 steps to recovery scrap aluminum radiator

In Most scrap metal yard, there are also have broken or faulty aluminum radiators.As we know, These aluminum radiators contain precious metals.Then It is very important to find one way to distract the value metals.

As one professional equipment of scrap aluminum radiator,We suggest 3 steps to be done.That is Shredding,milling and air separating.
This shredding type radiator recycling line can process any good shape or twisted/deformed raidators.After separation, 55% copper, 45% aluminum and 5% iron on radiators can be distracted.
Is it not profitable business ?

To illustrate how to recovery radiator into precious copper ,aluminium .iron, here share one working vide.
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