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Performance of Small copper wire granulator

Time:2020-06-22 Views:738
Performance of Small copper wire granulator

The Small copper wire granulator has a novel and unique structure, , one-time feeding mixed waste cables, achieving rapid copper-plastic separation, and the recovery rate of waste wire recycling equipment is more than 99%, without water and chemical agents, no Water pollution, equipment energy saving and environmental protection,It  is a professional energy-saving and environmental protection recycling equipment for waste electrical cables.

With the replacement of new and old cars, the wire cable in a large number of scrapped electric vehicles are more oxidized and basically lose their use value, but the main component of these used wires and cables is copper,it can be recycle and resue.

Through crushing ,specific gravity sorting vibration system,Our small copper wire granulator in good price can finish such function!

Small copper wire granulator for sale is mainly aimed at clients who have few materials and low output requirements. also this machine has low requirements on the site, small floor areas and relatively small cost.

our small copper wire granulator machine adopt compact structure crusher, sorting equipment and dust collection equipment in the platform,which makes the small copper rice machine easy to move and transport, and improves the flexibility of the equipment. The air separation device is combined with high-voltage electrostatic equipment to achieve a separation rate of 99%. The rotor of the pulverizer adopts alternating blade shafts, which makes the pulverizer produce more efficiently, lower noise, and reduce noise pollution. Bag dust collection equipment can effectively control dust overflow, and the dust removal efficiency is as high as 99%. It fully complies with national environmental protection requirements and has no secondary pollution.

If you have the intention to purchase small copper wire granulator equipment, you can call our free consultation phone to understand, and sincerely invite you to visit the factory to visit, we can arrange for you to test small used copper wire granulator and separator on site, so that you can truly see the equipment in our factory!


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