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Plastic Electrostatic Separation Procedure

Time:2020-07-16 Views:693
How do work for machine pet pvc separator,mixturer plastic sorting machine?

Working principle:
Before the sorting materials enter the high-voltage space for electrostatic separation, special devices shall be used to produce the corresponding charges under their own collision friction, because the size of the materials in the sorting process is congratulatory to the materials themselves. There is a significant difference in properties. The uniformity of the material particles and the weight of the material itself are also affected in the sorting process.
Once the differences between the particle state and the particle state is relatively large, different particle sizes can be sieved to improve sorting. In the process, the effect on the recovery purity is reduced, and the purity of the recovered material can also be controlled by selecting the sorting voltage according to the particle with small difference in particle state. 
The different materials need different high pressure to separate the particle size, so 

It is essiential for the crusher to break the material into granular or flake shape of about 10MM before entering Host separator machine.In thia way, the separation effect can reach the ideal state.
electrostatic separation diagram
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