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Aluminum plastic recycling machine

Aluminum composite panel(ACP) recycling machine
  • Aluminum composite panel(ACP) recycling machine

Aluminum composite panel(ACP) recycling machine

Aluminum composite panel(ACP) are used to process waste aluminum plastic board to separate aluminum and plastic.
High metal separation rate,Profitable business
      Scope of application:

      Aluminum composite panel(ACP) refer to  aluminum-plastic composite panel scrap, aluminum-plastic ceiling, aluminum-plastic decorative panel waste, aluminum-plastic edge strips produced in the production process of aluminum-plastic composite panels, punching materials, sawdust materials and a large number of aluminum-plastic composite board scraps eliminated in society. 
      These aluminum plastic materials can be crushed and separated to get metal aluminum and PE/PVC plastic respectively form re-use.
    Aluminum plastic composite panel(ACP)
      Why choose Aluminum composite panel(ACP) recycling machine
      - It belongs to environmentally-friendly waste recycling processing equipment. 
      The whole process adopt dry separation, smokeless and no dust pollution. it meets national environmental protection policy requirements.
      - High metal recovery rate. 
      The high-pressure electrostatic sorting machine extracts fine aluminum particles. The purity is as high as 99% or more. Easy to recycle aluminum and plastics.
      - PLC automatic programming control,Highly automated, and the entire production line can be operated by 1-2 people. Stable performance, simple operation and easy maintenance.
    Aluminum composite panel(ACP) recycling machine working chart

    Technical data:
    Model Power(kw) Output(kg/ hour) Dimension(mm) Weight(kg)
    LS-200 67 100-200 5200*5100*4200 5600
    LS-300 77 300-400 7500*6000*4200 6500
    LS-600 115 500-600 9500*7500*4200 7800
    LS-800 215 700-800 11500*8000*4200 12800

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