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Aluminum plastic recycling machine

Waste Toothpaste Tube Recycling machine
  • Waste Toothpaste Tube Recycling machine

Waste Toothpaste Tube Recycling machine

Toothpaste tube is luminum-plastic composite materials flexible packaging.
Through crushing grinding separating,Toothpaste tube recycle machine can get alu and plastic.
    Toothpaste tube is luminum-plastic composite materials, belonging to aluminum plastic flexible packaging. Since the plastic property of aluminum-plastic toothpaste is pure PE, the melting point is low, and the aluminum and plastic are disintegrated at normal temperature,So the yield is low.
    Waste Toothpaste Tube Recycling line
    The recycling process of Waste toothpaste aluminum-plastic separating equipment: Crushing-grinding-separating.

    The feature is no pollution,Low cost, high efficiency, non-toxic, low process conditions, simple operation, and environmental friendliness. 

    This waste toothpaste aluminum-plastic recycling machine can also recycle aluminum-plastic packaging materials,  aluminum-plastic flexible packaging, aluminum-plastic film, aluminum-plastic bag, aluminum-plastic composite film trim, trimming materials and other aluminum-plastic composite materials.

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