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Radiator waste recycling

Time:2019-11-25 Views:1109
Radiator waste recycling refers to the separation of used air conditioners, old radiators, waste water tanks and automobile radiators to obtain copper, aluminum and iron.
There are two types of common waste radiators, regular and deformed. Related process method are peeling type and a shredded type.
Deformed or twisted radiators are processed by Physical shredding and sorting method,The copper, aluminum and iron contained in the scrap copper and aluminum radiator are separated to realize resource regeneration and play a cyclical role.
For the neat regular waste radiator, the radiator separator copper tube aluminum foil stripping machine can be used. This separation quickly separates the internal copper and aluminum of the waste radiator and the original block shape, and can sell the copper tube& aluminim foil at a higher price, it can arrive greater economic benefits.
It can also be done in the same way as a deformed heat sink.
The copper-aluminum-iron is obtained by using a shredding and crushing separation production line to realize metal recycling and reuse.

Download for 2 type recycling solution:
Copper aluminum Radiator separator machine.pdf from EnvironmentalMetalse
How to Recycle Used Radiator.pdf from EnvironmentalMetalse
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