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Scrap copper wire recycling

Time:2019-08-14 Views:1515
Scrap copper wire recycling refers to the separation and recovery of copper or aluminum and plastic granules from waste copper cable wire.
Scrap copper wire recycling equipment can process the following scrap cable wire:
Scrap copper-plastic composite wire, aluminum plastic cable wire, copper-plastic pipe, waste wire, computer cable, circuit cablefrom car battery car dismantling, circuit cable from dismantling TV household appliances, small cable and other copper-plastic composite materials. 

How to Dispose of Copper Wire?
For waste Copper Wire Diameter >30mm, stripping machine can be recycled efficiently.
For waste Copper Wire Diameter <=30mm, the process line :
shredding---crushing---gravity separating(--electrostatic separator)-aluminum or copper and plastic.

Download for recycling solution:

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