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Unforgettable Memorial- Ching Ming Festival

Time:2020-04-05 Views:688
An Unforgettable Memorial-Ching Ming Festival

Qingming season, ponder the long leisurely. On April 4, 2020, the People‘s Republic of China held a nationwide mourning event. People of all ethnic groups in the country struggled to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic. They expressed their deep condolences at the sacrifice of martyrs and deceased compatriots activity.

This is a deep memory of the dead. In this fight against the epidemic, we have lost many flesh and blood compatriots. Among them, there are medical personnel who are fighting against the disease, unfortunately infected with the virus and even giving their lives, there are public security officers who work around the clock and unfortunately died in sudden illness, and there are party members and cadres who have charged themselves unselfishly and fell at the forefront. Ordinary people who stubbornly fight against the virus and die unfortunately ... They are all relatives who are connected to our blood and are dependent on life and death. The feelings of brotherhood and brotherhood are the deepest emotions in the hearts of every Chinese. Let us bow our heads and tacitly admire the unforgettable affectionate love in our hearts; let us ponder, wishing them to sleep peacefully with the love and thoughts of their loved ones.

This is the admiration of the value of life. "The prosperity of the country also regards the people as hurt". Faced with this ferocious epidemic, General Secretary Xi Jinping clearly demanded that the safety and health of the people be the first priority at the outset. All prevention and control measures adopted by the Party Central Committee will first consider doing their utmost to prevent more people from being caught. Infection, as much as possible to save the lives of more patients, highlights the people-centered concept of governance. From emphasizing that "life is more important than Mount Tai, the epidemic is a command, and prevention and control is a responsibility", to support the epidemic prevention and control in Hubei and Wuhan with national strength, and to hold a national mourning event for the sacrifice of martyrs and deceased compatriots in the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The values ​​of people first and life first run through. Those who work together up and down win, and those who want to win the city win. Let us feel the preciousness of life and admire the value of life in condolences, and we also encourage the confidence and courage to move forward.

Through the hard work of the whole country and the broad masses of the people, the epidemic prevention and control has achieved important and periodic results, and the economic and social order has been restored quickly. The epidemic prevention and control of the people ’s war, the overall war, and the war of resistance showed the true character of heroes who dared to fight and dared to win. They showed the feelings of the family and the family that helped each other and watched each other. They showed the noble character of courage and dedication. The law and the realistic attitude of advocating science have shown the broad mind of open cooperation, destiny and common ground, and will become an important spiritual force to promote the development and progress of China in the new era. The Chinese nation has experienced many hardships in the history, but it has never been crushed. Instead, it has become more frustrated and courageous, and it has continuously grown up and stood up from the hardships. A nation that is good at summing up experience and lessons from disasters and absorbing wisdom and strength will surely become stronger and more invincible; what she loses in disasters will surely be compensated in her progress.

After the storm, life will continue; the deceased will rest in peace, and the living will be strong. Carrying forward the great national spirit, overcoming all difficult challenges, and moving from victory to new victory are not only the best relief for the dead, but also the unshirkable mission of the living. Let us turn grief into strength, continue to overcome difficulties and move forward with courage!
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