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Delivery of aluminium composite panels separator machine

Time:2020-07-06 Views:725
Delivery of aluminium composite panels separator machine.

Waste aluminium composite panels separator machine is called waste ACP sheet peeler machine,acp panel cladding stripping machine,scrap ACM cladding peeler machine,Aluminium Composite Cladding peeler machine,ACP sheet separator machine,Aluminium Composite Cladding peeler machine....
 How to peel waste Aluminium Composite Cladding,Aluminum Composite Material?

Scrap aluminium composite panels  peeler machine adopt electric heater heating principle to completely separate the aluminum skin and the inner core,100%aluminum recovery.
Below is delivery site  and testing video of Aluminum Composite Material separator machine for mexico client.
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Directly stripping separating waste Aluminum plate/alu plastic panel sheet separator machine

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