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delivery of electrostatic PET PVC separator

Time:2020-07-24 Views:664
The global epidemic is still continuing, but the resumption of production still cannot be stopped. South American customers order one Plastic Sorting Equipment(PET-PVC separator for sorting of PVC from PET flake) is in the delivery. 

This  PET flake sorting machine equipment includes drying equipment, automatic feeding, automatic return and screw feeding machine, which can sort a variety of plastic group raw materials, such as PA/PVC, PVC/PMMA, PET /PVC,PS/ABS,PS,ABS/PP..., In the areas of recycling of resources, dismantling of waste household appliances, small household appliances recycling industry, waste plastic recycling and other industries sorting.
For the following service of mixed plastic separator machine, we supply debugging  installation, commissioning and training.Operating skills, maintenance, and easy-to-use spare parts will be taught by technicians on client production site.Belive the clients will satisfy with our work this time.
Plastic sorting machine
pet pve sorting machine
abs ps pp separator machine

Delivery of electrostatic PET PVC separator,PET flake plastic sorting machine

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