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Mixture plastic recycling equipment composition

Time:2020-07-16 Views:704
What made up complete mixture plastic recycling line:

One complete mixture plastic recycling line can separate different plastic mixture such as ps abs PC PM PET PVC...  It will at least need three parts below:
A.Sorting machine: 
This part adopts variable frequency speed regulation, which can be used for energy saving and at the same time facilitates more accurate adjustment of drum speed and cloth speed according to different materials.
B.Feeding equipment(screw conveyor): 
In order to avoid the charge transfer caused by moist air in the air, affecting the efficiency and effectiveness of sorting, the feeding system adopts hot air transport to minimize external influences.
C.Plastic dryer: 
The device uses intelligent control of hot air temperature, so that the material can be quickly and evenly dried, only in the case of dry, in order to create a good condition in the next plastic pre-congratulations.
Plastic dryerFeeder machinePlastic electrostatic separator

98% purity Plastic eletrostatic separator machine for recycling ABS/HIPS, PP, PE, PET/PC/PMMA, PP/PE, PA/PC

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