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Old wire cable worth recovery

Time:2020-08-18 Views:683
 Scrap wires cables separation must be done at once! It worths a lot!

Electronic trash exist everything in our life, include waste cable from our phones, computerentertainment centers.
It‘s estimated that people will throw away about 40million ton E-waste in one year the whole world. It can lead to very serious environmental also social problems if not dealt with...

First, Too Much Electronic Trash can bring pollution.
85% Electronic waste contains very heavy metals and plastic. If it is sent to landfills and incinerators directly,maybe it can get into air,soil,maybe will affect people‘s healthy.

Second, it will lead to loss of precious metal.

AS we know,old wire and cables contain precious metal,such as copper.
If it is burnt or dumped, it will bring to loss of precious metal.
Although we can use other rare metals to produce cable wire,copper is the most ideal to electronic conductor in this world now.
With time,With copper is becoming more and more rare, we has to pay much to get copper .

So  recycling scrap wires and cables is the best solutions to reclaim copper, it is very valuable job for us!
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