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benefits of garbage classification

Time:2020-05-03 Views:725
On May 1, Beijing enforced garbage classification, and everyone knows that garbage can now be divided into 4 categories, specifically kitchen waste, recyclable garbage, hazardous garbage and other garbage. Compared to the past, all the garbage is put together, throwing it in the trash can is okay, and the kitchen at home is also refreshing. The rest is the matter of the garbage collection station. You may face a maximum fine of 200 yuan each time, not a single time, non-stop fouls every day, throwing a few more times, that is not a small number of fines.
Garbage sorting has been enforced in Beijing. As an excellent citizen, we must comply with the implementation and develop the habit of garbage sorting. In addition to considering not to go to the garbage classification every time to face a fine of up to 200 yuan, not to damage their "positive image", after all, "five good families" still have to fight every year. Of course, to treat "big money", don‘t care about this 200 yuan each time, another consideration.

So, what are the benefits of garbage classification? Not only save 200 CNY !:

First: protect the environment. Think about a city surrounded by garbage, and the front and back of a house are occupied by garbage. The environment is definitely very bad. So, if you do n’t classify, will you not protect the environment? Think about the harmful garbage, put it in the soil, it can take decades to recover, a common 7-size mercury battery can prevent 1 square meter of land from growing crops, a small button battery can pollute 60 Ten thousand liters of high-quality water is terrible to think about.

Second: save resources. Some resources are used up and there are no more. Sometimes, the cardboard boxes we throw away can be recycled and reused, so that trees can be cut down less. For example, scrap iron waste can also be recycled and reused. Every year, 200 million tons of scrap iron and steel can be recycled nationwide. Imagine how big a pit is to open iron ore to make iron! As a country with a population of 1.4 billion, as long as everyone can pick out recyclable garbage, this can save a lot of resources.

Third: save money. Originally, we put together rubbish together, throw it away, and then go to the garbage disposal station, hire a lot of people to filter, it takes a lot of labor, so if we usually develop a garbage classification to throw, there is no need for the garbage disposal station to hire many people to choose , Directly save a lot of money. Of course, if you pick out the recyclable garbage, you can also sell it yourself, and you can make a lot of money. In fact, making money is also saving money.
Fourth: Reuse of waste. In fact, food waste can be turned into fertilizer. After all, food waste is mostly organic. After treatment, it can be directly converted into fertilizer directly absorbed by plants. At present, this technology has matured and is widely used in various places. Jiangsu Su Jinyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is at the forefront of the country in this field. In fact, the comprehensive utilization of food waste is turning waste into treasure.

Let everyone work together ,Turn waste into wealth!
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